new terms or europe that some stage

new terms or europe that some stage
can be met with all but the modern age
lies alone we can accommodate
we have outlined will co-operate

my point is through enforced austerity
eu helps and respects the integrity
own course but it could be harmonised
to sustained peace and organised

race can act with urgency and structures
leaders at this consider the measures
see as a further faster to achieve
all our countrys destiny i believe

and open to claim that ours is elected
to join the biggest market is projected
bail out is no way to eliminate
members of heretics who advocate

DocumentSource documents
1. Europa-Rede von David Cameron am 2013-01-23 (5639 words)
number of words: 5639
number of unique words: 1301
ratio [%]: 23.07146657208725

CooccurenceVerseProcessor setting
min. verse length: 11
max. verse length: 11
required words: none
imperfect rhyme: true
lenis fortis rhyme: true
similar words at verse ending: false
alliteration: false
meter: jambus
reflect word frequencies: false

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