europes freedom and pass it the time

europes freedom and pass it the time
the union and organised crime
could make these changes are starting
europes influence is yes of charting

institutions can accommodate
legitimacy and will co-operate
on the world to speak to argue that if there
comfortable if the parliaments where

old and ireland have negotiated
reflects the promise has legislated
it must work live i say we helped write
is far from unravelling the fact quite

we justify a leaner less bureaucratic
europes influence is democratic
completing the true that to stay for many
political and my third in germany

DocumentSource documents
1. Europa-Rede von David Cameron am 2013-01-23 (5639 words)
number of words: 5639
number of unique words: 1301
ratio [%]: 23.07146657208725

CooccurenceVerseProcessor setting
min. verse length: 11
max. verse length: 11
required words: none
imperfect rhyme: true
lenis fortis rhyme: true
similar words at verse ending: false
alliteration: false
meter: jambus
reflect word frequencies: false

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